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New film production in Armenia

Associated Television International announces that they will be doing dramatic television series in Armenia in collaboration with Armenian Academy Films Company and Russian Blitz Films production and will start production this year.

The six episode series will be featured on national television throughout the US and also on the POPSTAR Channel.

President of ATI, David McKenzie said “this is an unprecedented opportunity for Armenia to show it’s creative ability and opens up Armenia to be a production center for motion pictures and TV worldwide.

The company will also be producing a one hour TV Special about the recent political change in Armenia that will be featured nationwide throughout the USA and hosted by Dean Cain and Montel Williams.

McKenzie, Cain and Williams produced the TV Special “DENIAL” as well as the motion picture “ARCHITECTS OF DENIAL” which was the first project ever to tie together the Armenian genocide and show it is still currently affecting Armenia.

McKenzie also said that it is important to demonstrate to the motion picture and TV community that Armenia is not only a creative resource but an excellent location to shoot, “so it is our hope to help stimulate this industry within Armenia”.

He also stated that he will be shooting four more travel shows that will air worldwide to stimulate tourism industry in Armenia.

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