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Tourism and Film Production: Cooperation Perspectives

“Tourism and Film Production: Cooperation Perspectives” meeting-discussion was held in Yerevan on March 15 aimed at making Armenia recognizable in the world through film production.

Interview with Laura McKenzie and Elizabeth Stanton

(ARM) «Բարի լույս» հաղորդման հյուրերն են լրագրող, «Laura McKenzie’s Traveler» հաղորդաշարի հեղինակ Լորա ՄկՔենզին և դերասան, «Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World» հաղորդաշարի հեղինակ Էլիզաբեթ Սթենթոնը:

About good continuation of new film “Evil Touch”

Our greatest desire to make Armenia attractive and interesting for foreign filmmakers and producers shouldn’t to be considered unrealistic. At least, the foreign filmmakers who have worked in the country see real potential which can be developed, putting co-productions on a firm basis.

Interview with Producer Dan Goldman

American television and cinema producer Den Goldman tells about the shootings of the movie "Evil Touch", a thriller-horror mini-series that are being shoot in Armenia. How a group of young Americans are faced with the evil in the Armenian village.

Cinematica’s guest is producer of Academy Films film production company Anna Zakaryan

Months ago, Academy Films, a film-making company in Armenia was launched, which now performing the shootings of movies in thriller and horror genres. We talked about producer's current and future plans with producer Anna Zakaryan.

Armenia as a shooting ground

The co-founder and director of the Academy Films Film Company Aram Tadevosyan, told about the projects implemented in Armenia with foreign filmmaking companies, the ways of joint film production and prospects, Armenia as a location for film making and about ways of effective use on Sputnik Armenia's ArtBox Newscast.

How to shoot horror movies

A team of professionals from Armenia, Russia and America started working on horror "Evil Touch" in territories of the medieval Armenian fortress.

New film shootings started in Armenia

Academy Films production studio together with Associated Television and Blitz Films started the shootings of a new film.

New film production in Armenia

Associated Television International announces that they will be doing dramatic television series in Armenia in collaboration with Armenian Academy Films Company and Russian Blitz Films production and will start production this year. The six episode series will be featured on national television throughout the US and also on the POPSTAR Channel.