Academy films


We are a video production company

We have been collaborating with a number of world-class production houses. We pride ourselves in hiring top-level professionals in all areas of film industry including fiction, documentary, animation and computer graphics. We strive to ensure the competitive advantage of our product on the international market. Our mission is to unleash the creative potential of our outstanding team and help the global filmmaking community discover Armenia as a country with an exhaustive range of filming locations.


Academy Films is fully equipped to support all the stages of pre-production including creative script writing, professional casting and timely detection of the finest locations.


Our efficient film crew and well-organised administrative team are ready to support both movie and television projects. For minor projects we are also ready to provide the services of an English speaking fixer.


Color-correction, editing, tinting and toning, sound processing and editing, as well as the services of CGI and 3D animation professionals are all within the scope of the post-production services provided by Academy Films.


Academy Films is the official distributor of a number of well-known international TV shows broadcasted in Armenia, as well as world-class movies screened in the local cinemas. We also introduce the Armenian movie and television projects to the international market. We collaborate with skillful translators and professional actors to provide high-level translation and dubbing services.

Financial and Legal Services

Academy Films is ready to shoulder all the aspects of the financial and legal management of the projects owned by our partners.


We fully cover the on-site logistics and provide transport and driver services for film crews and equipment. Our transport includes Grimwagens, Camerwagens, Props vehicles and Trailers for actors.

Film Equipment Rental /Office Spaces and Studios

Academy Films will fully assist you in locating the best office space. We will also help you rent recording, photo- and television studios, as well as video editing tables. Any equipment required for the implementation of our partners' creative ideas will be provided.


We provide on-site catering which includes tailored menus for film crew and cast. In addition, we set up mobile kitchens and ensure the timely delivery of fresh and high quality food.

Our partners

Just a selection of a few global companies that we’ve done some great work with